Acorde de Are You With Me? - Mickie James

Letra de Are You With Me?

  Bm            E7           A

I drive a Chevrolet pick up truck.

American made that's how I was raised up.

I like the boys with a southern drawl.

Lord knows it's sexy when the say hey ya'll.

C#m Bm E7

(yee haww)

I don't get into no politics.

I like to kick it out in the sticks.

Got to have a little corn bread on my plate.

I come from the country

Hey Hey!!!

Bm E7

are you with me?


can you feel me?

do you like banded and his trans-am aint get better van.

are you home grown?

Bm E7 A

yeah are you country strong?

are you loud are you proud? is it a party crowd?

i wanna know right now.


Am E Am Dm

I party hard on saturday

make a little with my hands to earn my pay.

love makin love in a bell bed with my sweet thang

(OO make a girl pray for rain)

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