Acorde de I've Been Waiting For You - Abba

Letra de I've Been Waiting For You

(A) I, I've been in love before (E) 

I thought I would no more (F#m)

Manage to hit the ceiling (E6)

(D) Still, strange as it seems to be (A/C#)

You brought it back to me (B7sus4) (B7)

That old fee(Bm7) (E) ling

VERSE: I, I don't know what you do

You make me think that you

Possibly could release me

I think you'll be able to

Make all my dreams come true

And you ease me

Chorus: (A) You thrill me, you delight me

(D) You please me, you excite me


(A) You're something I'd been pleading for (D)

(A) I love you, I adore you

(D) I lay my life before you

(A) I'll have you want me more and more (D)

(Bm) And finally it seems (Bmaj7) my lonely days are through (E)

(D) I've been (E) waiting for you (A)

VERSE: I, I'm gonna make you mine

You're gonna feel so fine

You'll never want to leave me

I feel you belong to me

Someday you will agree

Please, believe me


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