Acorde de I Will Be There - Britney Spears

Letra de I Will Be There







Oh yeah

You don't have to say what's on your mind

'cause I know where you've been

give it up and leave it all behind

and let me begin

(Chorus 1)

Come on over here

let me show how things should be

I will make it alright

let me make it clear

you can put your trust in me

yes I will be there

(Chorus 2)

When you need someone

you just turn around

and I will be there

when you're feeling low

baby let me know

and I will be there


Won't you let me make it up to you

now you know where I am

there ain't nothing that I wouldn't do

just to love once again

(Chorus 1 and 2)


Just take a stand

I'll be here for you

now and forever

give one more chance

to show you how much I care

I'll be there

When you need someone

just turn around

and I will be there

when you're in sorrow

just let me know and I will be there

(Chorus 2)

I'll be there

(I will be there)

(I will be there)

I will be there

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