Acorde de Last Chance - Kylie Minogue

Letra de Last Chance

  Abm13       Bsus4  B

Fashion and attitude

Right on the money

How 'bout an interview?

Talk to me, honey

Was just about to walk out

Turned my body right 'round

If you wanna get down

Boy, let's have a ball

Abm13 Bsus4 B

This is the last chance

For the first dance

Bring your body close (Bring your body close)

So if you got a minute

Then the DJ gon' play my song

The one that always turns me on

Abm13 Bsus4 B

Last chance

To be my baby


Last chance

The final call

Last chance

The music's playing

Last chance

To come and get that first dance

My body's talking

First dance, it's critical

Last chance

So all I'm saying

We could have a ball

Abm13 Bsus4 B

Nights are for having fun

Summer's for lovin'

Sometimes we fall in love

All of a sudden

So put your arms around me

Let me feel your heartbeat

If you're feeling lucky we could have a ball

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El acorde de Last Chance de Kylie Minogue es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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