Acorde de Rainbowarriors - Cocorosie

Letra de Rainbowarriors

    Abm13       Bsus4  B

In these times of evil spirits

Of material thugs and mischief

Fearing Saint Noni's wisdom

And his love for rainbow spirits

Jealous of their faithful heart-bond

And their dancing and their laughing

Made at last a league against them

To molest them and destroy them

Saint Noni wise and heart-strong

Often said to Rainbowarrior

"O my brother, do not leave me!

Lest the evil spirits harm you!"

Rainbowarrior of two spirits

Gentle hand and lion-hearted

He laughed and then he answered

Like a child he softly whispered:

Abm13 Bsus4 B

We are Rainbowarriors

Evil come not near


Rainbow love awaits us

With hearts of love and tears

Abm13 Bsus4 B

He's dead, our sweetest mother

Loving father and our teacher

He's gone forever

He has moved a little nearer

To the master of all laughter

To the master of all song

O my brother, O my brother

Crystal brother of two spirits

Then we gathered in a circle

Stood round the rainbow fire

Burning ember's hearts united

We remember mystical beauty

If you look hard you can find a

Rainbow trail it's deep inside ya

Fear not you're a Rainbowarrior

Golden light on everything gleaming

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn

El acorde de Rainbowarriors de Cocorosie es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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