Acorde de Unstoppable - Kylie Minogue

Letra de Unstoppable

      Em             Am7    

Can't stop the beautiful river run

Night stars shine then the bright morning comes

Can't stop the rising up of the sun

Can you feel it?

Sweet music, lovers dance in the dark

Friends, family, I got you in my arms

Can't stop this power here in your heart

Can you feel it?

Em Am7

It's all we need, if only we can

Open our hearts, reach out our hands

It's coming to find you wherever you're at

Something so strong, can't hold it back

Em Am7

Unstoppable love (Ooh, yeah)


Unstoppable love (Ooh, darling)

It's lifting us up

Forever and ever

For everyone

When we get together


Em Am7

Can't stop that rhythm get in your feet

Can't help my body move with your heat

Your heart plays my drum and true love's the beat

Can you feel it?

Can't stop that ocean so wide and blue

Just watch it dance all night with the moon

Love's healing waves will wash over you

Can you feel it?

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El acorde de Unstoppable de Kylie Minogue es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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