Letra de Disintegrate - Mourning Beloveth

Letra de canción de Disintegrate de Mourning Beloveth lyrics

A low primal growl
Reverberates through
my frame
as nerves
break through the skin
The ether
The limits of excess

Nothing to savour anymore my body is drained
We are left alone pulsating round an infection
Everything has a point of no return
Surrender unsleeping to the unfolding light
It seems to carry us through until the end

Disintegrate disconnected scenes gradually form one seething mass
Oceans of extremes of joy and pain and crashing waves

Nothing to more to savour
We are left pulsating
Surender to the light
Disintegrate through the ether

The nausea is digging in
The tide leaves but the scum
The filth of the earth
It is time to soak up
The aric wasteland
Of the psyche through the fibres

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