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Letra de canción de Lady Kerosene de Spin Doctors lyrics

I saw you sighing by your window bright,
Touch my heart to be your acolyte
Sip fire-water from the golden cup
Drinks at my bedside, as I'm burning up.

Lady Kerosene, I can see the wreckage now,
Drinking gasoline, you keep on pumpin' it out somehow.

Now I'm at Ashland, baby, far away
I'm just a cinder of a summer's day.
Lady Kerosene, Prometheus' evil daughter;
You know what I mean,
I even asked him for a glass of water.

I always thought it was a gentle notion
I flew across the Atlantic Ocean
Rain is different there across the sea
it hits the Earth a little differently
Windshield wipers keep a steady time
Crosswords among the cliffs of lime
Beyond horizon and the clouds of devotion
Comes sunset's tendons from your crimson sun

Lady Kerosene (repeat 4 times)

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