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Letra de canción de Let's Have A Keke de Keke Palmer lyrics

- Oh, girl!
- Hoy, girl!
- I can't even see how you what happened to you last night!
- What do you mean? With Thomas?
- No!
- With Jerryl?
- No!
- With Sean?
- Girl, no! I'm talking about your daddy!
- Did you call my date "daddy"
- Just get to the story, girl!
- Okay, okay, okay, girl. He called over about a quarter after 2,
and you know that's OUR time.
So, up level, whatever. And when I walk through that door,
he got rose petals leading all the way the bedroom.
'Cause you know, the week before we wasn't able to spend time because
his wife just was taking up all his face, you know?
- Yeah, I know how that is...
- Anyway, girl... We do a THANG! I m?an, we make up for all the lost time.
But tell me why when I was leaving, I bump into his wife in the driveway.
And I start thinking fast. Luckily I got my postman's stick on the front of my car.
I immediately just look at him and say it: "I hope you enjoyed the midnight snack!"

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