Letra de Nuclear Alchemy - Watain

Letra de canción de Nuclear Alchemy de Watain lyrics

Fire at will!
Arsonists of lucifer
Conflagration sworn
Heed the flames command
Let the holocaust commence
Angel of the sulphur pit
Tread forth, from the gas cloud

We toil to fuel the fire
Such is our sacred fate
Til black smoke rise at heavens gate

All that was burning again now must be
Nuclear alchemy

Tidal wave of alkahest
Disruptions holy force
Cloaked within the darkness of the world
Burst forth!
Cremators of the crucifix
With vitriol in heart

But first our flesh must burn
To flame our minds must turn
Until we stand erected
Perfected and prepared
Like spearheads of satan's host


All that was burning again now will be
Nuclear alchemy
Transform! Aspire!
By the fire of will and the will of the fire
Nuclear alchemy
Pyromaniac witchcraft

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