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Letra de canción de Popular de The Veronicas lyrics

Pop pop, Mmm pop (x2)
I hate to say it, but they play this damn song in every club
But it’s me, so I show love
But it’s me, so show me love
And when I walk into the room, people stop and stare
It’s like nobody else is there
You know it’s me not you
Who said anything about you?
Chorus: Boys & girls pretend to know me
They try so hard
And I get what I want
My name is my credit card
Don’t try to hate me
Because I am so popular
Pop pop popular (x2)
Most guys I dated got intimidated
So now I date up
If you know what I mean, so they shut up
If you know what I mean, so just shut up
Cuz I don’t want to give half away
On the day
We don’t make up
If you know what I mean, when we wake up
If you know what I mean, when we break up
You always wanna be ’round me
So you know what it’s like
When the world is at your feet
And you’re VIP tonight
You’ve either got it, or you don’t
And I’m sorry you won’t
Get there by using me
Just go & do your own thing
Pop pop pop, Mmm pop (x2)
Chorus 2x
Pop pop popular (x4)

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