Letra de Secret (Take You Home) - Kylie Minogue

Letra de canción de Secret (Take You Home) de Kylie Minogue lyrics

Rushing up on you like a freak in the fast lane, I´m on a mission to whip
you into a hurricane, And when I overtake I´m gonna be in pole position,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Are you ready for the change, If I let you stay, If I
let you play, Will you lose or win, You can´t kiss and tell, Will you pass
it or fail, Let the games begin, Here´s my secret, I´m a girl who likes her
fun, And if you can keep it, Then you just might be the one, To come and
party baby, But don´t be misunderstood, I´ll be cool would you be cool, I
wonder if I take you home, Nature should explore the physical, But don´t
confuse emotion with the pleasure principle, Just let me take a ride and
educate the corners of your mind, Yeah yeah yeah, Buckle up baby, feel my
speed, Take you from zero to sixty, Driving so hot like a criminal, The
chase is irresistible, Gonna twist you round and manipulate, Watch you
hyperventilate, That´s just the way I get my kicks, So take it in baby, deal
with it, Buckle up baby feel my speed, Better not brake or you´ll miss me,
Driving you hard subliminal, ´cause you´re so irresistible, Let me pump you
up with adrenaline, Get your head space into a spin, Ocause that´s the way I
get my kicks, So take it in baby, deal with it.

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