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Letra de canción de That Was Then de Jesse Mccartney lyrics

Guess you never really know just what you´ve got
´til you finally realize she could be gone
I know that I´ve been taking you for granted
For the longest time
All you wanted was someone who really cares
And I didn´t even notice you were there
I promise that I´ll never ever make that same mistake
Not twice...
That was then..this is now
Took some time to come around
All I wanna do...
Is try again...show you how
I know that it´s all about
Giving attention to you
I was a fool for way to long
What you wanted, I could not see
That was then...this is now
Took some time to figure out
Love is all you need
Guess I never really thought about it before
I was thinking of myself, and nothing more
Didn´t even wanna try to find out
How you really feel
Now I see that I´m the lucky one, it´s true
And what we´ve got to know I never want to lose
I was trippin´ in a fantasy...
And missing what was real
I used to be someone
Who only really thought about themselves
And no one else and you could tell baby
But that´s before I understood
That when we´ve got something this good
Gotta let her know...
And I want to you know
You´re always my priority
And I wanna give more than all the love you need
Took a little time...
But now you know I finally see
That you´re my world
I never want our love to fade ready, willing...
And I´m gonna do whatever it takes
No, I´m never gonna let it slip away
´cause you´re my girl

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