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Letra de canción de The Other Side (Version Edit) de Fey lyrics

Trapped in the
rhythm of life
nothing seems to
color my path.
I'm in a web of
chasing my own tail ...
round... and round.

I need to push away
this madness.
I gotta find the way
with all my dreams
and illusions
waiting just to
break out and fly ....

I see what's waiting
for me on the other side,
it's time to follow all
the passion in my
I'm standing on the
sun with nothing else
to hide.
I'm ready finally. I see
the other side.

There is no more room
for darkness,
allow the light to come
You have to fight all
the shadows,
you gotta break out
and fly.

I've heard it over and over
if you get caught up
in that feeling again,
with all your dreams
and illusions,
there is no reason to

I see what's...

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