Letra de Too Far - Kylie Minogue

Letra de canción de Too Far de Kylie Minogue lyrics

Caught up in this house,
trapped my very own self in
the snare of my mind, no
more space than a slither,
what I'd give for a deep
breath inside, where the
chaos has me captive,
where there's no exit sign,
where I fuel the stupid fire
with these feelings of mine

Lured into this den, it's bitter
and I want the sweetness
again, a taste that I agree
with, get me past these parils
and to my eden, where the
silence is a comfort, where
there is no-one lese, where
I'll be up from under and
can uncurl myself

Too many too much too
hard, help me, this time I
went too far

Can I smash all of this open
can I pass the hurt with a
little pain, I wanna see all of
it crumble, and start afresh
and over again, my eyes are
wide open, but I can hardly
see, will laughter find a way
around these silent tears

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