Letra de Without U - Jesse Mccartney

Letra de canción de Without U de Jesse Mccartney lyrics

I like when you whisper softly
Things only I should hear
That lead me on
I like the way that you smile at me
And make me feel like nothin´
Can go wrong
Tell me this will last forever
Don´t you ever leave
I don´t wanna be without U
Dream without U
Walk without U
Talk without U Baby
Never take a chance without U
Dance without U
Nothing is the same without U Baby
I could never deal without U
Heal without U
Begin without U
End without U
Baby, I´m in need
I can´t breathe
No, I don´t wanna be...
Without U
I love when your eyes wash over me
With a look only I can tell
What´s on your mind
I love the way that you find me
Whenever I´ve lost my way
You´re just in time
Baby, we´ve got something started
Say we´ll never stop
I´ll lock up my heart
And throw away the key
If that´s what it takes
To keep your love with me
You open the door
To all that´s good in me
I can´t deny the truth
That I could never be without U

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